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April 27, 2012 - M4M Presents Co-Hosts Ginger Garner, Finley Woolston, and over two dozen North Carolina M4M Artists
Featuring work from all genres of music from bluegrass to soul, rhythm and blues, sacred classical, gospel, folk and rock.

LOCATION: Swansboro United Methodist Church, Swansboro, North Carolina
TIME: Doors open at 6:30 PM; Concert at 7 PM
TICKETS: This event is free, donations will be collected.

Past Events

MARCH 5, 2011- St. James UMC, Newport, NC
Thanks to everyone for coming out to St. James to support the cause. Our concert last night to benefit the Ryan Epps Home for Children in Haiti was a success - thanks to our sponsors, St. James UMC and Swansboro UMC for making this possible.
M4M Presents Co-Hosts Ginger Garner, Finley Woolston, and over two dozen North Carolina M4M Artists

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OCTOBER 2, 2010 - North Carolina Seafood Festival - Main Stage.
Ginger Garner for NC Seafood FestivalLOCATION: North Carolina Seafood Festival Main Stage
TIME: 12 noon
TICKETS: FREE (Tote bags will be sold and donations are encouraged, to raise additional funds)
Ginger and friends are set to perform a rocking set of rhythm and blues, folk, soul, and tribal world fusion mix of music as a Main Stage event. Ginger will even feature an amazingly talented gospel spiritual choir during the concert. Don't miss this unique blend of music and incredibly talented group of musicians from across North Carolina.

Haiti Tote Bags, pictured at right, will be sold during and after the FREE concert, to raise money for Stop Hunger Now, which sends meals to Haitian children.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2010 - Garner United Methodist Church
LOCATION: GUMC Community Center
TICKETS: Event is free and donations will be accepted.
Over 24 artists from across North Carolina will be performing at this banner event to raise funds for the Ryan Epps Home. The concert will feature music from all genres, including rhythm and blues, gospel, inspirational, jazz, folk, and more! A special appearance from Haitian missionaries, in addition to a native Haitian singer. It is an event for the whole family - come, enjoy, and learn! The Inaugural Dinner & Concert Event. This event was able to raise just under $4000.

Live from September 17 Event - Ginger Garner performs
How Great Thou Art

MARCH 5, 2010 - Swansboro United Methodist Church

The first M4M 2010 was held at the Sanctuary of Swansboro United Methodist Church in Swansboro, North Carolina on March 5, 2010. Over 450 were in attendance, and in a little over 2 hours M4M was able to raise just under $8000.

Live from March 5 Event - Ginger Garner performs
People Get Ready

Friday, March 5, 2010
Dinner - 6 pm Pig Pickin' Dinner with all the "fixin's," NC style prepared & donated by SUMM.
Concert - 7 pm
Concert featured jazz, classical, bluegrass, folk, traditional spiritual, rhythm and blues, soul, and gospel music genres.


Future Events

M4M Founder, Ginger Garner, witness to the explosive growth and regional and state wide interest from the first M4M, held on March 5, 2010, is moving in faith toward planning future events.

It is Ginger's mission that M4M will grow beyond the borders of a single church, organization, and community. M4M will provide for those less fortunate through its love of music and children.

M4M's focus will steadfastly remain in Haiti, helping to see its children - and the over 300,000 children left as orphans after the earthquake - enjoy a brighter future.

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M4M operates through 501(c)(3) organizations who support maternal and child health in Haiti.
    M4M and Haiti Initiative is staffed entirely by volunteers, which means M4M and HIS Mission Events donate 100% of ALL PROCEEDS to children and maternal health in Haiti.